MewFi – Nihon SIM Kādo

Japan Travel SIM - MewFi Nihon SIM Kado review


Nihon SIM Kādo is one of the cheapest SIM card I have seen so far on the market.

It offers many kind of plans, evolving with your period of stay in Japan.

In this review, the plan described as below is the 7-days one. However, either you stay 5, 7 or 12 days, there is definitely a maximum usage period that suits your trip length.

Data is said to be unlimited and is provided by one of Japan’s major Internet service provider : SoftBank. That assures you to always be connected with a stable connection and a good data coverage wherever you want to go.


Merits of this SIM card
  • The price : only ¥990.
  • The large choice of available plans : 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 12, 15 days and more.

Full specs.

NameMewFi Nihon SIM Kādo
Network4G LTE
Max. usage period7 days
SIM typeStandard / Nano / Micro
Need for a contractNo
CallsNot available
SMS / MMSNot available
Compatibility with iPhoneYes
Compatibility with AndroidYes
Support / Help desk?

In conclusion

Nihon SIM Kādo aligned with most of SIM card that delivers unlimited amount of data. That is to say “almost unlimited“. The total amount of data is actually not restricted but the connection speed decreases after 500MB used per day. If you are not a heavy watcher of YouTube or Netflix, this may not affect you so much and may actually be a cheaper option than any other SIM cards.

If you are to stay for a week and that you do not want to take the risk to see your connection speed decreasing, you may opt for an other vendor.

Here is below a short list of plans provided by other vendors for a period of stay of one week.

Where can I buy this SIM ?

Please refer to the “Where to buy ?” section of the website for more details about physical shops selling SIM cards in Japan.

Otherwise, you can buy this SIM on the websites listed below.



Please feel free to compare the specs. of this SIM card with any other reviewed in the “SIM cards” section of the website.


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