5 recommended mobile batteries to use in Japan [Complete guide for travelers]

Japan Travel SIM - Where to buy a mobile battery in Japan ?

This article provides informations about mobile battery available in Japan and aims at contributing positively to the preparation of your upcoming trip.

Imagine you are walking for hours in the beautiful city of Kamakura for visiting the magnificent Buddha, or that you are playing Pokemon Go in the streets of Shibuya. You are having fun, you are enjoying your Tokyo life, but the worse happens : your mobile phone’s battery level falls to 5%. Then you realize : how am I going to take pictures, videos, listening to music, opening the map for going back to my hotel ? This situation is just horrible.

While reading this you may think that it will not happen to you, but it actually could. In order to avoid this situation occurring, let’s prepare a plan B : a mobile battery.

What is a mobile battery ?

A mobile battery is an external battery that ones can charge and use for charging any electronic device. It is not much used abroad, but in Japan, be sure almost everybody have one in his or her bag.

In Japan, smartphone is used in lots of cases. In addition of using it for Internet, checking the map, sending messages and posting pictures on SNS, we actually use it also to pay at the supermarket, to take the train, to check our bank account and so on.

The disadvantage of this multi-purpose usage is that battery consumption becomes terrifically fast. Personally, I need to charge my phone at least twice to three times a day. In that case, a mobile battery can literally save a life.

Pros/Cons of buying a mobile battery

Acquiring a mobile battery is not a must-have in your Japan trip, but I would highly recommend to at least buy a cheap one as a plan B, just in case you lose yourself in the streets of Tokyo without battery on your phone.

In order to make your own idea of the necessity of buying a mobile battery, let me draw a simple pros&cons table below.

Convenient for heavy users of Maps, SNS, Netflix or YouTube.Some airlines forbid mobile batteries in hand luggage.
Depending on the model, you can charge your mobile phone more than 5 times a day.It is relatively small, so easy to forget.
Mobile batteries can be shared between family members or friends.Cheap mobile batteries can only charge your mobile phone once.
Possibility to charge many kind of device (mobile phone, tablet, etc..) simultaneously.
You do not need to charge your mobile battery every day.

How much does cost a mobile battery ?

The price of a mobile battery will depends on the maximum charging time it can support.

The cheapest ones can cost between 700¥ and 3,500¥.

The most powerful ones can cost between 4,000¥ and more than 10,000¥.

It really depends on the daily usage you make of your smartphone and on the budget you can allocate to such expense. I would personally recommend to at least acquire a cheap one, just in case.

Recommended mobile batteries






Where to buy a mobile battery in Japan ?

Nowadays, mobile batteries can be found everywhere. Either you enter a konbini (convenient stores opened 24h/7d), either you visit a souvenirs shops, you will certainly find one. For Pokemon fans, you may even find Pokemon limited edition mobile batteries in some Pokemon stores !

However, if you want to be able to compare prices and specs., I would recommend you to visit an electronic store. Electronic stores in Japan provide almost all kind of electronic-related products. Either you want to buy a game or a TV, it is definitely the place to go.

Recommended electronic stores in Tokyo
  • 1st
    Yodobashi Camera

    One emblematic shop is located in Akihabara.

  • 2nd
    Bic Camera

    Shops available in most of districts in Tokyo.

  • 3rd
    Donki Hote

    They opened recently a huge store in Shibuya named “Mega Donki” if you want to take a look during your travel.

  • 4th
    Yamada Denki / LABI

    If you stay in Ikebukuro it worth the visit.

  • 5th

    A nice mix between two famous stores : Bic Camera and Uniqlo. Available in Shinjuku.

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