Nippon SIM for Japan (8GB / 8 days plan)

Japan Travel SIM - Nippon SIM for Japan - complete SIM card review


In this review I would like to introduce an other 3-in-1 prepaid SIM card compatible with the Japanese network : Nippon SIM for Japan.

The particularity of this prepaid SIM is the large choice of plans available.

Either you plan to visit Japan for a week either you are to stay for a month, different plans are provided.

Also, this SIM card provider does not require any contract. As I already stated in other reviews, the large majority of SIM cards in Japan requires either a contract either a resident card. Although many companies recently started to offer a more diverse choice of SIMs, this is still a reality for most of short-term usage prepaid cards.


Merits of this SIM card
  • The amount of data and the maximum usage period evolves depending on the plan you choose.
  • A setup manual is included in the package so you won’t have to visit a physical shop for activating your SIM card.
  • A support is available in English.

Full specs.

NameNippon SIM for Japan
Network4G LTE
Max. usage period8 days (Until December, 31st 2020)
SIM typeStandard / Nano / Micro
Need for a contractNo
CallsNot available
SMS / MMSNot available
Compatibility with iPhoneYes
Compatibility with Android?
Support / Help deskAvailable in English

In conclusion

The main advantage of Nippon SIM for Japan is their four main plans, evolving with your need of data and your stay.

If you are to stay for a week, you may prefer the “8GB 8 days” plan.

If you are to stay for 15 days, the “15GB 15days” plan may suit you better.

However, if you plan to stay for a month in Japan, the “8GB 30 days” plan may be a bit expensive for the amount of data provided. If you take a look at the review linked below, the “SoftBank prepaid SIM” provides more data, available for a longer usage period, and at a cheaper price.

The choice of a SIM card depends also on your daily Internet usage. If you are a heavy watcher of Netflix or YouTube and that you are to stay for a month in Japan, you may consider choosing the 15GB/15days plan and renew it twice. Again, this is also a question of budget.

Where can I buy this SIM ?

Please refer to the “Where to buy ?” section of the website for more details about physical shops selling SIM cards in Japan.

Otherwise, you can buy this SIM on the websites listed below.



Please feel free to compare the specs. of this SIM card with any other reviewed in the “SIM cards” section of the website.


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