Prepaid Nihon 180 days by docomo (20 GB plan)

Japan Travel SIM - Nihon prepaid by Docomo - SIM card review


In this review, I would like to introduce you a kind of prepaid SIM card that we rarely see on Internet : Prepaid Nihon 180 days by docomo.

Docomo is one of Japan’s major actor in terms of network coverage and smartphone retailing. Most of their products are available only under 2-year contracts, which is unfortunately almost impossible to get for foreign tourists in Japan.

However, this prepaid SIM that they propose is quite surprising.

First of all, it is declined in two plans : one with 20GB, the other with 30GB, both for a maximum usage period of 180 days – that is to say 6 months. It represents much more data that longs much longer than what is available in average.

Second, it is contract free ! It may be surprising to say that contract-free SIM cards is rare, but that is the reality of most smartphone-related products in Japan. Contract is the base of everything here as the business model of most of the vendors is based on subscription payments over long-term periods (2 to 4 years in average).

Finally, it is available at a fair price : around ¥5,000. Usually, for the same price ones can hope using between 5 and 7 GB maximum.


Merits of this SIM card
  • A tremendous amount of data.
  • Can be used half a year without contract
  • Cheap

Full specs.

NamePrepaid Nihon 180 days by docomo
Network4G LTE
Max. usage period180 days
SIM typeStandard / Nano / Micro
Need for a contractNo
CallsNot available
SMS / MMSNot available
Compatibility with iPhoneYes
Compatibility with AndroidYes
Support / Help deskAvailable in English, Japanese and Chinese

In conclusion

This SIM card has three advantages : it is cheap, it longs half a year and it provides you looooots of data.

Try to calculate by yourself. By dividing the total price by the number of months you can use this card, it represents almost 3.3GB / month for only 930¥.

I believe this is comparatively one of the cheapest SIM cards available on the market.

Of course, it all depends on your needs. If you are to stay for two weeks or for one month, 20GB may be too much for you. On the other way, if you watch everyday your smartphone, if you post pictures and videos on Instagram, you would better acquire a SIM card that provides you enough data.

Over all, I believe this SIM card is made for three categories of people :

  • Exchange students : it is always good to have a first prepaid SIM card before getting your first contract with any Internet provider.
  • Short-term tourists : using one SIM card in a rental pocket Wi-Fi for a family is cheaper than buying one SIM card per person
  • Backpackers and long-term tourists : coming to Japan for a long stay is very expensive. It is always good to save some money on such expenses in order to come back home with more omiyage (souvenirs)

Where can I buy this SIM ?

Please refer to the “Where to buy ?” section of the website for more details about physical shops selling SIM cards in Japan.

Otherwise, you can buy this SIM on the websites listed below.



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