Sakura Mobile (Unlimited data / 30 days plan)

Japan Travel SIM - Sakura Mobile - SIM card review


Sakura mobile is a vendor of connected services. They mainly propose rental Pocket WiFiand prepaid SIM cards for both short and long term stays.

In this review, I would like to introduce you their SIM cards targeting travelers staying in Japan from 8, 15 to 30 days.

But before entering into the full specs. part, please let me talk a bit about the services around their SIM cards. It is simply amazing.

First of all, the logistic. Ones can pick up his/her SIM card at Haneda or Narita airport just after arriving and starts connecting his or her smartphone to the Japanese network. Pick up counters are quite normal today, but what do you think about being delivered at your hotel or residence before your check-in ? Yes, they can do it. I believe not all vendors propose these kind of customized services. Moreover, you can ask for express delivery. Yes, because nobody can simply wait for checking Instagram after hours of flight without Internet.

Second, they are quite flexible regarding SIM cards usage period. That is to say, you can modulate the end date with your stay length. Let’s imagine that you intend to stay one more week in Japan and that it was not planned when you first bought your SIM card, you could then extend the end date to the week after the initial date. Useful, isn’t it ?


Merits of this SIM card
  • Nice and clear website with an English support
  • Crazy delivery options
  • Flexible service

Full specs.

NameSakura Mobile 30 days
Network4G LTE
Max. usage period30 days
SIM typeStandard / Nano / Micro
Need for a contractNo
CallsNot available
SMS / MMSNot available
Compatibility with iPhoneYes
Compatibility with AndroidYes
Support / Help deskAvailable in English

In conclusion

Let’s be clear, this is not a cheap SIM card. Far from that, many vendors provides prepaid cards at better price than Sakura Mobile. Even with unlimited data.

However, taking a look at included services (English support, customized delivery, flexibility of the usage period), I believe this is, at the end, quite a reasonable pricing.

This depends of course of your need in terms of data usage. Ones checking his or her smartphone only once or twice a day would rather appreciate cheaper SIM cards with less data (example linked below).

On the contrary, if you can spend two hours a days on Instagram and that your budget allows it, plans offered by Sakura Mobile can do the job.

Again, this is just a suggestion. A lot of other vendors also propose SIM cards with unlimited data for cheaper as well. Please take a look at Japan Tourist SIM (Unlimited data / 30 days plan) for example.

Where can I buy this SIM ?

If you are interested by this plan, please visit the website of Sakura Mobile from the link below.

Please feel free to compare the specs. of this SIM card with any other reviewed in the “SIM cards” section of the website.


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