SoftBank prepaid SIM 10GB


SoftBank is one of Japan’s major Internet provider.

They basically provide any kind of service related with smartphones and Internet.

Most of their products however need to be contracted, which may be inconvenient for short-term tourists willing to use Internet immediately, without queuing in a shop and especially for those who do not speak Japanese.

However, I recently discovered that SoftBank also provides a contract-free prepaid SIM card, which kind of surprised me honestly.


Merits of this SIM card
  • The amount of available data (10GB) is more than enough for posting photos on SNS or using any texting app like Messenger.
  • The maximum usage period is long. Most of SIM card sold in Japan are limited to 7 to 15 days, which may be enough for short-time trips but not really for long-time stays.
  • Tethering is available ! For people like me who loves going to cafes for lunch, leisure, for writing, this is a huge advantage to be able to share my Internet connection with my computer or other connected device.

Full specs.

NameSoftBank prepaid SIM
Network4G LTE
Max. usage periodUntil July, 10th. 2020
SIM typeStandard / Nano / Micro
Need for a contractNo
Compatibility with iPhoneYes
Compatibility with AndroidN/A
Support / Help desk・Available 24h/365days in English and Chinese
・Available from 9 AM to 6 PM in Japanese

In conclusion

Because of the amount of data and the long usage period, I would definitely recommend this SIM card for back packers or any person willing to stay in Japan more than two weeks.

Again, this is clearly targeting SNS and Internet heavy users. If you are not watching YouTube everyday, you may prefer other SIM cards with fewer data and cheaper than this one.

Where can I buy this SIM ?

Please refer to the “Where to buy ?” section of the website for more details about physical shops selling SIM cards in Japan.

Otherwise, you can buy this SIM on the websites listed below.

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Please feel free to compare the specs. of this SIM card with any other reviewed in the “SIM cards” section of the website.


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