4 recommended travel adapters to use in Japan [Complete guide for travelers]

Japan Travel SIM - Where to buy a travel adapter for Japan ?

One of the most occurring worry when preparing a trip abroad is : “Will I be able to charge my electronic device ?” followed by “What kind of travel adapter shall I buy ?

This article aims at explaining what kind of electronic outlet is currently used in Japan. You will also find some recommended travel adapter that you could buy on Internet before going to Japan.

What kind of charging cable should I buy ?

The electronic outlet used in Japan is a Type A model. It is composed with two parallel and identically sized branches.

The picture below illustrates the shape of the common outlet you will find at your hotel, in cafes, well everywhere you could charge your electronic device.

JapanTravelSIM - Electronically outlet mode in Japan

As long as your charging cable is a Type A model, you will be able to charge your smartphone or any other device.

If you do not have any Type A charger, you could opt for a travel adapter.

How much does cost a travel adapter ?

You can literally find it at any price. However, depending on the model, the number and type of outlets provided by the adapter could vary.

For example, the cheapest ones would cost between 900¥ and 2,000¥ but are often providing USB-only outlets.

The most expensive costs between 3,000¥ and 6,000¥.

You shall be extra-careful about the maximum voltage capacity supported by your adapter. For instance, most of them cannot support hair dryer nor hair straighteners (irons etc..).

Recommended charging cables

Here are some items that I would personally recommend if you are, like me, not a professional in electronics, but that you want to buy something functional.

Where can I buy an adapter ?

I would personally recommend you to buy an adapter prior to your trip to Japan.

However, if you would like to absolutely buy it in Japan, I would recommend to buy it in an electronic stores. Electronic stores in Japan sell almost everything from televisions to air conditioners and have sometime English speaking staff for helping you.

Recommended electronic stores in Tokyo
  • 1st
    Yodobashi Camera

    One emblematic shop is located in Akihabara.

  • 2nd
    Bic Camera

    Shops available in most of districts in Tokyo.

  • 3rd
    Donki Hote

    They opened recently a huge store in Shibuya named “Mega Donki” if you want to take a look during your travel.

  • 4th
    Yamada Denki / LABI

    If you stay in Ikebukuro it worth the visit.

  • 5th

    A nice mix between two famous stores : Bic Camera and Uniqlo. Available in Shinjuku.

If you are looking also for a mobile battery that you can use during your trip to Japan, please feel free to visit the “Where to buy” section of the website.


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